Our Story

Sponsored by Hope Ministry Project, Inc.

Le Jardin d’Eden is an orphanage located in Haiti 100% operated by Hope Ministry Project INC. located in miami. The orphanage currently houses 22 children ranging in ages 1 through 20.  Funding from previous donors has come to a halt and the orphanage finds itself in a place of dire need. Though loved and physically cared for by the dedicated staff, the children are subsisting on inadequate food supplies, lack of everyday essentials (bedding, utensils, plates, etc.), intermittent electricity, and plumbing and water issues.

Initially we need to step into the breach to provide everyday essentials such as food, clothing, shelter, safe water sources and reliable electricity; however, in time we would like to go a step further by providing education and skills training, in addition to access to proper healthcare. Our vision for the campus where the orphanage is located is to transform it into a place where the older children, as well as people in the community, can be trained in medical services, horticulture, computer literacy, media, cosmetology, and food preparation.

In addition, it is our sincere desire that through our efforts to restore and bring hope to these dear ones that we can present them with the truth, as outlined in the word of God, thus bringing many to faith in Christ, our Lord and Savior.

To jumpstart this project, we need volunteers and financial donors. We believe that credibility and transparency is key to gaining the support for this project. As such, here are the initial projects which we requesting your assistance in funding:

  • Provide nutritious meals to the children and staff
  • Provide essentials for daily living (clothes, plates, utensils, appropriate bedding, etc.)
  • Resolve water safety and plumbing issues
  • Provide a reliable source of electricity through the purchase of 10 solar panels

Please partner with us to bring hope to the children at Le Jardin D’Eden by your prayers and donations. Together we can and will make a difference.